Monday, August 29

I've Been Framed!!

I've never really been in love with traditional frames. So when I first saw a Facebook ad for The Organic Bloom, I was totally psyched. It's been several months that I've been working out the details and now I'm so excited to finally announce the arrival of these beauties!! I have several studio samples coming into the studio this fall and am thrilled to be offering these to my photography clients as well as the general public!

Check out a few of their beautiful frames and colors:

CaryGrant_Azure blog

Audrey_Wine Blog

Eva_RootBeer blog

Fonzie_BabyBlue blog

Jessie_GreenLeaf blog

Gilligan_PurplePeopleEater blog

Andie_RivieraWaters Blog

Ellie_Lavender blog

In fact, take a look at the whole collection of frames!

Organic Bloom Frame Options

Available in all 54 of these phenomenally fun colors:

Blog Frame Colors

And are you ready for the best part?! SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING!!!

Whether you are a photography client of mine or not, these frames are available to YOU! Email me at for a complete pricing list on these beauties!

Happy Monday!!!!

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  1. These are awesome...really like how you match up the colors of the frame with colors that are in the picture...nice...


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