Wednesday, August 31

So Many Questions

This images provokes so many questions in my mind....

What is that all over her face?
Why is she making that odd expression?
Where did she get that cup? And what on earth is she drinking?
How in the world could any one child be this cute?


The world may never know.

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1 comment:

  1. oh that's adorable! She's very cute! i got your comment about cashing in my baby shower/free session gift. :) I had thought about using it last time I was home but figured right after a 5th baby is not the time to "cash in" such gifts. :) I'll be home in oct with macy in Oct while sherwin's on a missions trip (Oct 3rd-12th) - if anything during that time would work that would be great - but if life is busy for you we'll be back around christmas time as well - so no pressure. Hope your newest addition is doing well!


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